The worst case scenario is the prospect ends up buying from the competitor. If the sales person is lucky, the prospect will not like the competitive product as much, but may be prompted to search for other competitors. This will delay the sales cycle and postpone the sale..

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Tree rings form a unique fingerprint as trees across a region are exposed to similar conditions. For this reason, overlapping ring patterns from living, dead, and fossilized trees can be lined up to build continuous series stretching back through thousands and thousands of years. 12,000 and counting.

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Maybe it seems perverse to include a work best known for being one of the most joyously noisy in the 20th century canon. Epic and colourful, written for a sprawling orchestra over 100 players strong, Messiaen’s Turangal the name is an amalgam of two Sanskrit words meaning ‘the speed of a galloping horse’ and ‘play’ is famous for featuring the swooping sounds of the ondes martenot, one of the earliest electronic instruments invented. Yet although it’s a wild listening experience, somewhere between a Broadway musical on steroids and a psychedelic episode, there are moments of rapt delicacy too.

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